Property Developer, Investor, Mentor & Creative Deal Maker

I put property deals together using my wide network of contacts & professionals.


Property Development Opportunities

Fancy investing in property developments, through either Immanuel's own development or his extensive network of developers you can invest.


Property Mentor & Educator

Why not read Immanuel's 6 Steps book or take his home study course today. Guaranteed to change your thinking and impact your wealth.


Deal Introducer & Fundraiser

Immanuel's network covers the UK, Middle East, Asia and Australia. Looking for a way to increase your returns, diversify your risk. He's got the contacts.

Immanuel Ezekiel Property Developer

About Immanuel

At the age of sixteen Immanuel Ezekiel left school with only a few basic qualifications and began working on a building site.  Fed up with being poor, he educated himself on how to build wealth by reading books, listening to CDs, and attending seminars.

He used what he learned to create a successful financial management company with more than forty employees and sales of more than £7 million a year.  Having created a massive passive income for himself, his passion now is helping others escape from debt to achieve their own financial freedom.

Nowadays, he owns Boutique UK developer, Broadwing Homes and uses his network of contacts to put together deals on behalf of High Net Worth Investors and developers.


Immediate insight

Your book gives great tools to get immediate insight on my current financial situation.

Frans van Oekel

Full control over your own finances

He hands you the tools to take full control over your own finances with his easy-to-implement approach.

Madeleine Bletterman

I knew what to ask

Thanks to Immanuel, I knew what to ask my mortgage lender and what I needed to do to reduce the interest on my mortgage.

Marne van Veenendaal

One of the most genuine people I know!

I have met a lot of people on my journey and a lot of people come and go but it’s rare to find genuine people who genuinely want to help and Immanuel is one of the most genuine people I know!

Simon Wilson

Knowledge and expertise within the property sector is second to none

Immanuel stands out from the crowd with his enthusiastic way of engaging people. He takes time to listen and advise. There have been several occasions where I personally have needed advice and Immanuel was always there to take a call. His wealth of knowledge and expertise within the property sector is second to none.


Desperate to sell and make a fresh start

The service he offered meant I could move away from my flat that I couldn’t sell and start a new life with my partner and son


Rare ability to be able to see a wide array of angles

Immanuel actively searches for outcomes that reward all

stakeholders, knowing that a successful career is earned over many years of

fair and straightforward deal making.


Hands of experience

The lesson he taught us are shaped by valuable hands of experience, and an easy to comprehend strategy to excel in a market with great potential.

Eelko Lommers


Choose either the book or the home study course. A great way to get your 

6 Steps to Financial Freedom Book

Download a Free copy of my book on how to turn debt into wealth through simple to follow steps that anyone can do.

Home Study Course

Break the lessons from the book into easy to follow steps and get on the path to financial freedom. 

Articles by Immanuel

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The 6 Steps to Financial Freedom

How to Turn Debt Into Wealth

The Step-By-Step Guide to Becoming Debt Free and Wealthy.

  • This simple steps to get you off the Debt Treadmill.
  • Turn Debt into Wealth using this largely ignored technique.
  • Six Insider Secrets to becoming debt free *Hint they aren't secrets at all.
  • Six Habits to effortlessly Eliminate debt on the Income you are already on!
  • Six Steps to create wealth and income through property.
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