Immanuel Ezekiel Property Developer
  • Author 6 Steps to Financial Freedom
  • Owned a Mortgage business with 50 brokers and 100 staff
  • Property Trainer & Coach
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Heating & Ventilation engineer

About Immanuel

Immanuel Ezekiel is an International speaker and an Award winning specialist in Property Development, Mortgages & Wealth Creation.

Immanuel has been investing and developing property for over 25 years in London and the surrounding areas.  

Building a property portfolio, with interest in excess of 100 properties and has developed in areas such as St Albans, Northwood, Maids Morton, High Wycombe, South London, Greenwich, Lewisham, North London, Kentish Town, Crouch Hill, West Hampstead, Hendon, Bushey, Tottenham, Walthamstow, Felixstowe to name a few.

Having gone through more than 2 property cycles, he understands the importance of having the correct profit margins and having at least 2 exit strategies on any development so ensure that the project will be profitable or able to refinance all invested funds at the end of the project.

He speaks regularly on Property Investment and Wealth Creation. His knowledgeable creative mind, coupled with his down to earth and genuine approach to problem solving, endear him to everyone and make him a refreshing and personable speaker to listen to.

He is one of the owners of Broadwing Homes, a boutique developer offering luxury affordable homes. His developments comprise of schemes from single dwellings, to Apartments blocks, Houses, Barnes, Nursing Homes conversions.  

Broadwing Homes work with High Net Worth clients on both a debt (Loan Note) and equity (Joint Venture/Partnership) basis.


Immediate insight

Your book gives great tools to get immediate insight on my current financial situation.

Frans van Oekel

Full control over your own finances

He hands you the tools to take full control over your own finances with his easy-to-implement approach.

Madeleine Bletterman

I knew what to ask

Thanks to Immanuel, I knew what to ask my mortgage lender and what I needed to do to reduce the interest on my mortgage.

Marne van Veenendaal

Hands of experience

The lesson he taught us are shaped by valuable hands of experience, and an easy to comprehend strategy to excel in a market with great potential.

Eelko Lommers

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