If you are struggling with debts and unable to see any way out, this could be the most important letter you ever read…

Revealed: How You Can
Get Out Of Debt And 
Start Building Wealth 
Faster Than You Ever 
Thought Possible… Using 
Just Your Existing Income!

My Proven Six Step System Will Help You Transform Your Finances And Achieve Financial Freedom… However Bad Your Circumstances May Seem Right Now!

Dear Friend,

When entire countries are struggling to repay their debts, it’s not surprising that so many individuals around the world are having problems with money.

If you are struggling with debts, you are not alone.

  • More than 2.5 million UK households – that’s around 10% of the total – are more than two months behind on loan repayments
  • In the USA, more than 1.5 million people filed for bankruptcy in 2010

These numbers represent just a small proportion of those who have real worries about paying their debts.

Many people are using half, three quarters or even more of their net monthly income for debt repayment.

That doesn’t leave much to live on and most  debt specialists state that  using more than half of your monthly income for debt repayment will most likely lead to serious problems.

But the sad reality is that unlike countries, ordinary people like you can’t just print money or call in the IMF to sort out their problems.

For too many people who are in debt, or who have financial problems, it can often seem there is no way out.

This inevitably leads to a whole range of problems.

Are You Sick and Tired Of
Not Having Enough Money?

The fact is that debt problems have a real effect on the lives of ordinary people:

  • Financial worries have a significant effect on your health – around half of people with debt problems say it has had a serious impact on their health
  • Money is one of the NO 1 cause of relationship problems and divorce
  • Worry caused by financial problems often causes severe stress, with symptoms ranging from general unhappiness to more serious long-term mental health issues
  • Many people report fearing every phone call or letter when they are in debt as they are not sure what it will contain
  • Financial problems can affect your work performance and even put your job or future career at risk
  • When you have worked hard for many years, it is annoying being unable to afford to buy what you want – even basic essentials
  • There is growing worry about the need to work into old age – and about whether jobs will be available or your health will be good enough

The fact is this is just a sample of the problems that debt and financial problems can cause.

And the reality is that most people don’t do anything about it until it’s too late so the problem keeps getting worse.

Believe me – I’ve seen it too many times.

People have got into serious problems such as legal proceedings, home repossessions and bankruptcy because they didn’t realise there is an alternative.

The truth is these situations can almost always be avoided provided you follow the right steps.

The problem is that most people don’t know the right steps to follow.

The good news is that there is an alternative…

No Matter How Bad Things Seem, 
There Is A Way Out

You should think of being in debt as being like a snowball rolling downhill.

You can let the snowball keep rolling so that it gets bigger and bigger and ends up in a huge crash causing vast amounts of damage.

Or you can take action to stop it rolling right away so that the situation doesn’t get any worse.

But here’s the thing – as soon as you take action to stop the snowball rolling downhill, it starts melting and things get better immediately.

It’s exactly the same with your finances.

If you start taking action, you’ll see improvements faster than you’d ever imagine.

If you follow the right approach, not only will you get yourself out of debt but you will start building wealth faster than you’d believe possible right now.

You could soon be:

  • Free of debt (however bad your situation now)
  • Free from worry about how you will survive in retirement
  • Free to let your children have the future they want
  • Free to stop working 10-15 years earlier than you had planned

That may seem hard to believe right now but the truth is many people have achieved those results following the system I’m about to describe.

The Key Stages of 
Turning Your Debt into Wealth

Before I go any further, I’ve got to be upfront and tell you that this is not going to happen overnight.

I’m not promising you a magic solution like a lottery win or instant riches.

However, I’ve helped thousands of people make the journey from debt to financial freedom and I can tell you it will probably happen a lot quicker than you think.

I’ve seen people go from being deeply in debt to having repaid all their debts – including their mortgage – in three to five years or even less. They can then live debt-free and start building wealth.

You just need to follow the right steps.

There are six key stages you need to move through in the process of turning debt into wealth and continuing your journey to financial freedom.

  • Awareness of the problem: Before you can get out of debt, you have to understand why you got into debt and how the financial system is stacked against you.
  • Acceptance of need to change: You then must be ready to make changes in the way you live your life and learn how to think and behave differently about money.
  • Assessment of your current financial situation: Next you need to get a clear picture of your current situation so that you can work out what needs to be done.
  • Action to change your situation: Then it’s time to take action so that you start to turn your debt into wealth using the money you already have.
  • Acceleration of debt repayment to financial freedom: Your top priority needs to be getting out of debt but you’ll be amazed at how fast you see results by making a few simple changes.
  • Accumulation of real wealth: Finally, you need to move from being in debt into building financial freedom for your future. 

Now that all sounds very nice in theory but you need a practical plan to make that work.

Well, bear with me for a moment and I’ll give you exactly that.

But first, I’m sure you are wondering…

Who Am I And What 
Qualifies Me To Help You?

My name is Immanuel Ezekiel and I left school at the age of sixteen with only a few basic qualifications and began working on a building site.

However I quickly became fed up with being poor so I educated myself on how to build wealth by reading hundreds of self development and financial books, listening to CDs, and attending seminars on wealth creation.

I then used what I learned to create a successful financial management company with more than forty employees and sales turnover of more than £7 million a year. Now, I have achieved my own financial freedom, owning shares in more than 250 properties worth in excess of £50 million.

Having created a substantial passive income for myself, my passion now is helping others escape from debt to achieve their own financial freedom.

Far too often I’ve seen the devastating effect that debt can have on people’s health, relationships and lifestyle.

In my years of helping people improve their finances, I developed and enhanced a proven formula that gives even people with the most serious debt problems the right information, mindset, and strategies to transform their lives faster than they could ever imagine.

I have used this approach to help thousands of people eliminate debt, build wealth, and achieve financial freedom in the fastest time possible.

If you’d like to see these sorts of changes in your life, I have just what you need.

Click here if you are ready to start the journey to financial freedom right now.

The Six Steps to 
Financial Freedom
How to Turn Your Debt Into Wealth

I’d like to invite you to work with me to transform your finances.

In my “Six Steps to Financial Freedom” Home Study Course, I will take you by the hand and show you step by step exactly the actions you need to take to get yourself out of debt and start building wealth.

Here is what is covered in the course.

Step 1: Stepping Off the Debt Treadmill Today

  • How the modern approach to living tempts us to spend too much money
  • Why our education system lets us badly down by not teaching us properly – and what they should have taught us instead
  • How the Ostrich Process can cause people to ignore debt until it’s too late – and why you need to avoid this
  • How to stop that debt snowball rolling downhill before it causes serious damage
  • Looking beyond debt and thinking of serious wealth – however crazy that might sound right now

Step 2: Starting the Process of Turning Debt Into Wealth

  • Discover the powerful Wealth Wheel that will help guide you out of debt and on to financial freedom
  • How to identify and create a perfectly balanced Wealth Wheel to achieve financial freedom
  • Creating your Roadmap to Wealth

Step 3: Six Insider Secrets of Becoming Debt-free and Wealthy

  • Why you need to understand the financial system before you can beat it – and what your banks and credit card companies don’t want you to know about how it works
  • Why being wealthy is all about choice – how to avoid being one of the huge majority of people who let millions slip through their fingers during their life
  • Discover if you are a Wealth Accumulator or a Consumer and what you need to do to change
  • How much we really spend on everyday purchases – such as cups of coffee and eating out – and how to stop wasting that money; if this doesn’t shock you into making changes then nothing else will
  • How banks can create money out of thin air and then profit from it at your expense and how you can profit from the same concept
  • How banks can make more than 1000% profit when you borrow from them and what you can learn from this technique instead of losing from it (though you probably won’t make quite as much as they do!)
  • The big difference between Good Debt and Bad Debt and why this should change the way you think about money
  • How banks, credit card companies, manufacturers and retailers are working together in a conspiracy to get your money – and what you need to do to make sure you hang on to it
  • How wealthy people think differently about money and how you can start wealthy thinking instead of poor thinking – and this is nothing to do with the Law of Attraction or anything similar

Step 4: Six Essential Habits to Eliminate Debt and Become Wealthy Fast

  • How to create clarity by understanding your exact current financial position and defining clearly what you want it to be in the future
  • Why changing your thinking and your behaviour to focus on cash is the main key to building wealth
  • How to handle serious debt problems such as arrears
  • How to use a simple budget to help you stop thinking monthly and start working towards building longer term wealth
  • My unique Debt Destroyer Process – the exact steps you need to follow to get out of debt as quickly as possible – including which debts you need to pay first
  • How to change the way you spend money so that you keep more of your wealth and stop giving too much away to others
  • My special Waste Annihilator Wheel that will help you hold on to more of your own money
  • Proven tips for spending your money better – including how to stop wasting money in the supermarket and how to make major purchases well below the normal price
  • How to plan for your future so that you make an easy transition from destroying debt to building wealth

Step 5: Six Steps to Creating Wealth and Passive Income from Property

  • Why investing in property is still a great way to build wealth – provided you follow the right system
  • Introducing the Property Wealth Wheel and how you can use it to succeed like a pro in property investment
  • Why you need to develop the right attitude to making money if you want to profit from property
  • Why waiting until you sell to make money from property is a critical mistake
  • How you can make your investment in property pay for itself without being a drain on your finances
  • Why the best known cliché about property investment turns out to be very true
  • How to use little known financing options to buy property even if you have limited resources and a bad credit record
  • How working with others can help you profit more and faster with property

Step 6: Six Secrets of Creating Extra Passive Income Streams

  • Why passive income should be a key part of your long-term financial plan
  • The different types of passive income and how they might benefit you
  • How to create your own passive income stream
  • The Passive Income Wealth Wheel and how it can help you
  • The right mindset and attitude you need to build passive income
  • How to identify places you can build passive income
  • How to create true passive income that doesn’t require your time to maintain it
  • What you need to do to make your passive income stream as large as possible

Here’s How It Works

As you can see, the Home Study Course is packed with tons of profitable information that can help you transform your finances.

However this is a lot more than a very valuable education.

It is a highly practical course that will enable you to take action and achieve results – starting today.

Each module features:

  • Wealth Wheels: This is a tool that I have found has helped many people finally take control of their financial lives.

Wealth Wisdom: I will share and explain in detail my Wealth Wisdom, which includes a few unbelievable facts and realities that your bank and credit companies don’t want you to know.

Wealth Workouts: To make sure you can take action to implement this information, the course contains 16 Wealth Workouts to help you get results fast.

Master Your Mindset Tips: As I believe the way you think is crucial to your wealth, I’ll also be sharing a few secrets of improving your mindset as we work through the course.

This is what you’ll receive when you order today:

Audio CDs: You’ll learn the detailed contents of each step through professionally recorded audios explaining everything you need to know and what you need to do. There are eight CDs covering the six modules lasting over six hours to make sure everything is covered in sufficient detail.

Printed Transcript: Each audio comes with a transcript so that you can follow along, make notes and plan your actions. This builds into a valuable 184-page personal resource that you can refer back to time and time again.

Wealth Workbook: This 56-page practical workbook contains the details of all 16 Wealth Workouts to help you take the actions and make the changes needed to get results fast. It also allows space for your own notes and includes a summary of the key Wealth Wisdom tips so that you can use it as your handy action guide. The Workbook is also your resource for building and improving your own Wealth Wheels.

When you order today, the complete package will be delivered direct to your home so that you can get started right away.

As soon as you order, you’ll also have immediate access to everything online so that you can get started even before the package arrives.

I’m ready to guide you step by step on the road to financial freedom.

Click here if you are ready to start the journey to financial freedom right now.

Three Reasons I Can Help You
Make These Changes

Let me share three reasons why I’m confident I can show you the way to financial freedom.

  • I have made the same journey: As I mentioned earlier, I’ve come through the process of learning how the financial system works so that I could help others avoid having to go through that costly experience.
  • I’ve helped others transform their finances: In many years running a financial advisory business, I have helped thousands of people get out of debt, build wealth and achieve financial freedom in the fastest possible time.
  • I’ve developed a proven system:  I’ve turned those many years of experience into a simple system that anyone can follow to get out of debt and start building wealth.

I am confident that my proven system can help you achieve financial freedom, whatever your situation right now.

So the question is…

How Much Would
Financial Freedom
Be Worth To You?

It’s hard to put a value on having a great night’s sleep free from financial worries and looking forward to choosing how you spend your day.

But that’s exactly what you’ll have when you achieve financial freedom.

It’s easier to put a value on what you’ll save by paying off your debts quickly so that you stop wasting your money on interest repayments.

The exact amount you’ll save naturally varies depending on your personal circumstances but the potential savings could run in to the tens of thousands over a few years – for someone with typical debts, including a mortgage.

You could pay a financial adviser for this kind of advice – either through commission or up-front fees. That could easily amount to several hundreds or even thousands.

Or you could attend a weekend seminar or course and pay at least £500-1000 for that.

However, I want to get this information in the hands of as many people as possible so the cost here will be much more affordable than that.

Click here if you are ready to start the journey to financial freedom right now.

But first…

Here’s A Reminder Of What You Get

The Six Steps to Financial Freedom Audio Course on eight CDs packed with more than six hours of information, tips and action steps

Transcripts of each audio running to over 180 pages so that you can follow along and refer back to them time and time again

Wealth Workbook of 56 pages crammed with 16 Wealth Workouts and summarizing the key Wealth Wisdom to act as your handy action guide

All delivered direct to your home and also for immediate audio download.

So What’s The Investment?

The fact is this could be one of the most important investments you make in your life – especially if you are in debt or have financial worries right now.

When I deliver this information personally – either through private consultation or live closed-door seminars – the cost can run into the thousands.

But, as I said, I want to make this as affordable as possible.

So your investment for The Six Steps to Financial Freedom Premium Home Study Course is only £147 (plus P&P).

For that, you get the whole package delivered direct to your door plus immediate online access.

If you do not want the full benefit of the Premium option, there is also an Online Only version, which costs just £97. (When you choose this option, you will not have the CDs and other material delivered to your home but you will be able to access them online.)

My 100% Financial Satisfaction Guarantee

I am confident that you will be thrilled with your investment in The Six Steps to Financial Freedom Home Study Course. I am sure that if you take the actions, your financial situation will be transformed.

To back up my belief in the value of the course, I will give you 60 days to decide if it really is for you…

If you find that the package does not save you at least 10 times the cost, then just email me and return the material to me. You will receive a full refund of your investment in the course. No explanations required.

Wouldn’t You Prefer A Life Like This?

If you’ve been struggling with your finances for some time and were convinced there was no way out, just think about a life like this.

  • Feeling of confidence that you have all the money you need now and in the future
  • Happier relationships as money is no longer a factor of concern
  • Relaxed in the knowledge that all your debts are paid off and you owe nobody money
  • Freedom to choose whether to work or otherwise spend your time as you choose
  • Satisfaction of knowing you have the resources to buy most things you want
  • Looking forward to spending your retirement in comfort doing as you wish

It really is possible to achieve this – and probably much sooner than you think.

But you have to take action now.

If you are ready to start moving to financial freedom, just click on the Add to Cart button below.

YES, Immanuel, Please send me The Six Steps to Financial Freedom Home Study Course today

I understand that this course will help me get out of debt and start building wealth.

I will receive:

  • The Six Steps to Financial Freedom Audio course on eight CDs lasting more than six hours
  • Transcripts of each audio
  • Wealth Workbook to help me take action on all the Wealth Workouts in the course
  • All delivered direct to my home and also as immediate audio download (Premium version only)

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Best regards


 P.S. This small investment could save you a fortune in wasted expenditure in the future and could easily set you on your way to building substantial wealth. The longer you delay, the more you will miss out